News from Alfonso - 4/18

Greetings Friends,
Today we will be hearing presentations from teachers who attended a Thursday afternoon math workshop for several weeks and from those who attended an IB math workshop this spring. The real benefit of conference attendance is bringing these ideas home to share with colleagues.

When school resumes tomorrow, remember that Sheridan will be closed and do drive carefully and patiently especially when you try to merge on to Naito. Cutting around people is especially dangerous.

Below you will see an article about becoming a PTO officer. This is your opportunity to be a shaker and a mover and a servant of the community good. Besides looking for officers, the PTO seeks a number of volunteers for events this spring and summer and throughout the year. They can really use your help so please do step up.

On that topic, thanks to all the volunteers who made the open house such a success last Friday. We had trouble keeping up with all the prospective families, which bodes well for our future. Thanks especially to Linda Bonder who really took the reigns on the whole event.

Congratulations to Emily's and Hu Nan's classes who performed stunningly last Friday at PSU for Madame Liu, Chinese Secretary of State, the Chinese Ambassador to the US, the Chinese Minister of Education, and our own Governor Kitzhaber. The audience and Madame Liu loved them. Also performing poetry to great accolades were Oliver and Mara from Jenny's class. Eliot from Ann's class was chosen to welcome Madame and the retinue at the door with flowers and Chinese greetings. I sat with a group of 11 other Principals, as we were all there to receive our official recognition as Confucius Classroom Schools. We were the only independent school so recognized, and this means that we will receive staffing support, materials and other grants from the Han Ban Office in China. A good day for TIS, and once again our students made me extremely proud.

Congratulations and thank you also to Librarian Tamara Fornell for arranging another exciting Beverly Cleary reading challenge party for all those who read the appropriate number of books. It was a packed house!

Thanks to Kristie, Dan and Britt who hosted 27 students for the auction sleepover on Friday night. Let's just call this profiles in courage.

Reminder that the first TIS Grade 5 PYP Exhibition will take place this Friday, April 22 from 10 to noon and 1:30 to 4pm in Stearns Hall. Stop in and see the amazing things that 5th graders studied on their Capstone Trips.

And now I am off to math class!

Have a good day and see you tomorrow,
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109