Needed for next year: PTO Officers

The beauty of running for a PTO office is that there are no campaign finance rules to follow, no speeches to prepare and you don't have to kiss babies in little towns across the country - there are lots of younger siblings at TIS I'm sure you could kiss with the parent's permission.  To run for PTO office at TIS you just have to let us know you are interested.

PTO officers participate in PTO meetings & events, but what else do they do? See below for brief descriptions; click here for the full descriptions & job requirements.

PTO officer elections will occur at the PTO meeting on May 11th at 6:30 in the gym.

President - (generally prior year's VP)  Presides over all PTO meetings including setting the agenda and coordinating with school personnel.  Ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees and a member of the Fundraising Planning Committee.  Works closely with the Head of School, Principal, Development Director and Marketing Director.

Vice President - (2 year position, 2nd year serves as Pres)  Assists President with meeting planning and fills in for President if she/he is not available.  Works closely with President in preparation for being President the following year. Point of contact for Green Committee and Holiday Staff party.

Treasurer - Meets with PTO Pizza Monday vendors and negotiates prices, determines pricing for families.  Works with Business Manager and Marketing Director to get PTO Pizza Monday information to parents.  Tracks PTO spending and budget.

Secretary - Records minutes of PTO meetings.  Coordinates childcare for meetings with Principal.  Keeps records of PTO minutes, bylaws and maintains PTO notebook.  Participates in PTO sponsored activities.

Volunteer Coordinator -  Works with administrative staff and Volunteer Counter creator to maintain Volunteer Counter database.  Provides committee chairs lists of volunteers for recruitment.  Encourages volunteerism, promotes use of Volunteer Counter.  Helps new families identify volunteer opportunities.

Community Liaison - Responsible for school-wide community building events like the Popsicle and Hot Cocoa socials.  Coordinates "Get to Know You" coffees at the start of the school year.  Assists Admissions Director and Marketing Director with Open Houses and New Family Gatherings.  Point of contact for new families.

We'll be outside on Thursday morning (rain or shine) with sign up sheets for a variety of volunteer opportunities for next school year, and we can answer your questions about serving on PTO.

Kathy Guilfoyle, PTO President,