"Is there going to be a Talent Show this year??"

YES! Friday, June 3.

We're looking for Talent that Shows your hard work.
Music / Comedy / Dance / Poetry / Magic / Theatre / Quirky Skills (Rubik's Cube speed solvers?)

Have you been learning to juggle? Break-dance? Play piano? Choreograph dance to music?
If it can be performed, it's perfect for the Talent Show... except -- Sorry, Lip Syncers, this show's not for you!

How to Sign Up - by May 23:
1. Each act may submit one piece (4 minutes max) to the show. Choose one that highlights your hard work the best.

2. Submit a video audition of your act by May 23. Create a YouTube Account. Upload your video. If privacy is a concern, a good option is to make the video public, but only share the link with people you want to see it. That's as good as secret. If you don't have access to a video camera, contact Peter Musselman for options.

3. Sign up online at intlschool.org/talent with a link to your video and your parent's initials of approval by May 23.

Peter Musselman, TIS Music Specialist, peterm@intlschool.org