Alfonso's news - 4/11

Dear Parents,

Somehow we have reached the point of 10 weeks remaining in the school year, and they promise to be packed with activity and planning for the coming year.

Officially re-enrollment contracts are to have been postmarked by today. That means one still has today and tomorrow to drop them off. We need to do planning and there are many families waiting to see if they will have a seat next year so please get contracts in asap.

A couple of safety issues. First do NOT use paper or rocks or any other objects to prop open doors even during after school activities. If you leave a door open, you compromise the safety of our students and staff. Last week a door at the end of the Kindergarten corridor in the Hilltop Building had been propped and Frank received an alarm call just after 6:00 pm. Enter and exit through the main doors of each building.

Second, a reminder: when you are on the playground with your children after school, YOU are the immediate supervisor. Be vigilant please and close the gate behind you.

On a happier note, remember to purchase your tickets for the Wine Tasting coming up on May 7.  You can buy them at a receptionist desk OR purchase them on line at

This year we’re looking for 100% of parents to donate to the TIS Fund and/or the Auction Special Appeal. Donations to the Special Appeal and donations to the TIS fund all help you to become part of the sought after 100%. Sensible, isn’t it? Why does 100% participation from the community matter? Because outside donors and foundations want to see that we care enough to give before they care enough to give. If you haven’t yet donated, please donate to the TIS Fund today (click here to give now). Gifts of any amount are a great help in reaching the magic 100%. We’ll have up barometers in each classroom (without names) that will cover both Special Appeal and TIS Fund in the same 100% calculation.

See you at the corner,

Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109