News from Alfonso - 3/7

Greetings Friends,

We all enjoyed celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday last week with cake and the recitation of verses from our most beloved Seuss books.

News is rolling in from our Capstone groups around the world, and today a lot of TIS students are starting school in Japan, Spain and China. I have also heard reports of our students approaching host country people in public places to interview them about life and culture. Please be sure to follow their blogs and enjoy the photos.

I trust you all had productive discussions with your child’s homeroom teachers and perhaps some specialists. Please do not let this occasion pass, even if all is fine. See the teacher and work closely with the teacher. I also want to remind you with respect to grades - a D for “developing” is not a “failure.” As the name suggests, the child may still be developing with regard to the specific skill in question. Calculus (indeed much of math) never made much sense to me until I was in my late 30s. It wasn’t until writing a dissertation that involved complex statistical analysis that it finally kicked in! However, I must confess I never learned to tie my shoes properly. My handwriting is also awful to this day, forcing me to print to be remotely legible. My parents did not worry for me, and here I am today, a successful traffic director.

Also, a reminder that there will be a PTO meeting this Wednesday evening at 6:30 in the gym. Scott Kerman and I will be on hand to review budget and tuition, and master planning progress as well as other things you’d like to discuss.

Two weeks until break. Please note I am not using the S word as I do not want to tempt the weather deities. I continue to expect only rain and cold right through June. Anything else will be a pleasant surprise.

And may your week be pleasantly surprising,