Spanish Capstone blog - 3/16

On Tuesday we had a cold but interesting visit to Salamanca, the home of Spain´s oldest university (which just celebrated its 800th anniversary - kind of humbling.) The local guide was great again, though it was hard to keep the children focused for yet another cathedral and walk through town. As usual we did get free time to wander at lunch, so we split into several groups to explore local fare (and get warm).

Late that afternoon we did the 2.5 hour drive back to Madrid and went directly to our group dinner. The next morning the discussion started: was it food poisoning or the fastest-spreading, simultaneoulsy occurring stomach virus? At last count about 13 of our 39 have been affected, most of those with hour and hours of . . . Today most of the afflicted are eating again, though we´re doing good business for the plain cracker vendors.

Yesterday the mobile part of our group spent the day in Avila, where they got to walk along the top of the city´s well-preserved defensive stone wall. Today they are in Segovia exploring history in the snow! Hopefully we´ll all be back on the bus tomorrow for our last day of touring - this time to the beautiful town of Toledo.

- Linda