A Note from Frank Bojanowski, Facilities Manager

Since 2008, TIS has embarked on an aggressive program of upgrading our facilities to not only accommodate future growth, but to improve the Life and Safety concerns of the campus. We have to date spent close to $750,000 towards this end with emphasis on the buildings that needed the most attention, and have worked closely with the City of Portland to ensure that our facilities meet all current standards for fire and structural safety.

Addressing and mediating structural concerns are only a small part of the puzzle. Risk assessment, risk management and event planning are the other perhaps more crucial pieces.

In the area of risk assessment, TIS and the Board of trustees have shown diligence towards that end. With the help of Kim Marcus, a board member and geologist we have been given valuable assistance in evaluating the geologic risk of our location.

In the area of risk management we have taken a number of proactive steps. Working with FEMA and the Office of Emergency Management, TIS has had a number of teachers and staff attend a variety of training programs in emergency management. In addition to training, Linda Bonder has enrolled TIS in an emergency notification system to insure immediate and direct communication with TIS parents. TIS has also been active in our communication with the Portland Fire Bureau for guidance in our planning. As you may know, Kevin Hawke our EMT has an extensive background in fighting wildfires during the summers. Kevin also has additional experience in emergency management.

It is the goal of TIS to provide the safest possible environment for the children and in the future to be able say that your child would be safer at TIS in the event of an earthquake than anywhere else in the city. We will continue in working towards that goal. For a more details on Facilities improvements so far, please view this link.