Spain Capstone blog - 3/12

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March 12, from Linda
What a whirlwind! We picked the kids up on Friday at a terrific pot luck lunch that the host families made for us at the school. Most of the kids had a good week, some great, a few not so great, but overall successful. The stories are unfolding gradually, on 11-year-old time.

Yesterday we had a long sightseeing day in Madrid - the royal palace, the Prado museum, lots of walking around the city and a little metro. We have a terrific trip director, Rolando, who is with us everywhere and does great with the kids. He generally explains everything in Spanish and then has the kids take turns translating. They are clearly translating the meaning, not just the words, since we are getting all kinds of fun editorial comments (did the guide really say all that? no . . . ☺)

Imagine being at a museum (The Prado) for 2+ hours with 15 children. Sound scary? It was great, no kidding. We split the group into Spanish (all the kids & a few parents), and English (rest of the parents). The Spanish tour lasted longer because the kids were so engaged, asking questions etc. Oh, and the guide had to take a few minutes at the end to tell the kids that they were the best of all the hundreds of school groups he had worked with . . .

Each evening we have been taking the metro to a different restaurant for dinner. Traveling by metro with 38ish people? Remarkably it works, though we are constantly reminded to be vigilant.

Today we took the chartered bus to the town where Don Miguel Cervantes was born. The kids were very engaged because they had read Don Quijote and knew a lot about the story and Cervantes himself. It was nice to get out of Madrid, and now we have the afternoon off.

Tomorrow will be a long day, driving to Salamanca for the day.