Japan Capstone blog - 3/7

From Taka sensei: It is actually healthy school lunch. But Natto is too Japanese. I wonder how many Western kids can eat Japanese School Lunch.

Please see tis-taka.blogspot.com/ for more photos.

From Taka sensei via Jennifer (parent chaperone) blog:

"We felt the earthquake today. It was M8 huge earthquake. We were having the calligraphy lesson at that moment, and it continued to shake for over 30 seconds. All kids hid under the desk and waited for it to stop. But it kept shaking more. So all kids at school evacuated to outside. We stayed outside about 30mins,then all kids went inside the school back again and grabed their belongings and came out of school. It was scarey when the whole building shook. Hokkaido has no serious damage."

From Jennifer:
Ryan is doing great!!! He had a huge snowball fight with the school and was interviewed by a newspaper about his visit. :-)