News from Alfonso - 2/28

Dear Friends,

Today your child should return home with a little sticker on his/her shirt reminding you to complete the annual parent survey of TIS. Your feedback is important. We particularly value suggestions for improvement, but it also inspires us to hear when we are doing something right. In fact you could do the survey right now by just clicking on the link at the top of your ITK e-mail.

Street closures. I am told the following by the representatives from Stacey and Whitbeck, who are working on the SW Moody construction for the light rail:

Starting tomorrow SW Moody will be closed NORTHBOUND from OHSU to the 30/30 building, which is the red brick building adjacent to the bridge. Click here for a map of the closure. You WILL still be able to come in off the ramp and you will be able to go down Sheridan and turn left on Moody to escape from morning drop off.  Please note right after you come off the ramp there is now a stop sign there as soon as you turn right. Remember to stop.

At some point in the future PGE will be doing work on Sheridan “for about a week.” I am trying to convince all involved to do this during our spring break. I will keep you informed.

Wednesday is Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so the Cat in the Hat may be coming by to direct traffic and I’ll be meeting with Horton to discuss how a school is like an egg. We’ll have cake and other festivities that day thanks to planning by librarian Tamara.

On Thursday of this week, Chinese Japanese and Spanish fifth graders will all head out on their respective Capstone trips. They will all attend school in their host countries, spend nights either in a dorm or with a host family and gather information for the PYP exhibitions. So they head out not just for touring and enjoyment but also to do some social anthropology which will help them better understand not only another culture but also their own culture. Watch ITK, Facebook etc for blog entries from the Capstone parent chaperons.

On Friday of this week we will have parent conferences. Please be sure to schedule yours and bear in mind that we cannot leave non TIS students in the child care room (Constanza’s room- #  25.)

Our students who recently took the Japanese Language Proficiency Test all passed! Kyle from fifth grade Japanese passed level N4.  From grade 4 Japanese, Genki, Takuto and Hazel all passed level N5. Of the more than 2.5 million overseas students of Japanese, around 750,000 take these tests annually and only 3.7% are elementary school students. Congratulations to these students and their teachers!

Finally a link to an article on the Asia society website which reminds us that we and our children study languages not just to do business in other countries but to be cultural ambassadors shaping a more collaborative world.

A good week for ducks ahead! Stay dry and peaceful,

Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109