News from Alfonso - 2/22

Dear Friends,
I again made the mistake of mentioning spring last week. Silly me. This will be a meteorologically interesting week so be sure to check the proper resources on school closures. If school is closed we will notify you in all of the following ways:

  • E-mail the same addresses that receive InTheKnow

  • Call all phone numbers that received the test calls using our emergency alert system (we will call at 6:15am)

  • Post our closure at (which will be reported to major Portland-area news web sites such as KATU and OPB)

Congratulations to the Japanese teachers and students on a truly delightful show last Thursday for Sakura Matsuri. All of the audience members, including our illustrious friend Consul General Okabe of Japan, were wowed by the costumes, scenery, and the terrific talent on display.

We want to publicly thank departing Board member Laura Sokolowski, who most recently served on the Board’s executive Committee as Secretary. Laura has taken a new job in Denver and will be commuting home on weekends while her two sons finish out the school year. Laura was a very committed and supportive board member and parent and she will be missed.

Many thanks also to TIS graduate parents Priscilla Lane who continues to manage the TIS garden for the benefit of all of us but especially the students. The photo above is from the lowk students making bean soup with Priscilla. We really need more current parents to help with the garden - it is an important resource for learning. See the article below with details.

TIS parent, Jessica Walker-Keleher, assistant director for the Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center at the University of Oregon School of Law, has departed to lead the United Nations' Education for Peace Project in Southern Sudan. In addition to designing and managing this project, Jessica will contribute to the development of education programs, policies and strategies targeting emergencies and post-conflict recovery situations in Southern Sudan. She will spend up to nine months building this capacity in the country. We wish her all the best in this crucial effort and look forward to reports on her experiences there.

This past weekend 16 TIS teachers attended PYP training here in Portland- 8 in math science, 7 in teaching and learning and 1 in Art. The teachers I have heard from so far found the workshop very invigorating despite the fact that it took up much of a three day weekend.

We will be launching our annual parent survey on line next week. I will be sure to keep reminding you about this as we find your feedback enormously helpful and we want even more responses than the 300 we got last year!

Finally, a reminder that this Friday is report card writing day so there will be no school for students. The following Friday will be parent teacher conferences.

I am herewith anticipating nothing but snow until July and that should sufficiently deal with any potential jinxes on the weather. Whatever the weather, I wish you a peaceful week.

Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109