News from Alfonso - 2/14

Dear Friends,
Happy Valentine’s Day. After some dry days I think we and greater Portland were all completely nonplussed by the showers this morning. On such days, if traffic makes you late, no need to rush down Water Street. You’ll be forgiven.

Linda Bonder has tracked down a functional and affordable emergency notification system whereby you will all be called in the event of early closure or other emergency. You’ll be receiving a test message this week. If for some reason you do not get the message, please let Lauren, Ellen or Shelley know.

Please note that school will be closed on February 21 for President’s Day. On Friday February 25 teachers will be writing report cards, so there will be no school for students.

Japanese Track students are polishing up their performances for Sakura Matsuri which we will celebrate this Thursday at 10am. Since we don't have room for everyone in the gym, students and parents from other tracks are invited to view the performances at See the password at the top of ITK.

Speaking of rehearsing, all TIS fourth graders are getting ready for a language school choir festival hosted by the German American School the first week of March. Each school will sing a song in its language(s), and then all students from all schools will sing one song together. Thank you to Music Teacher Peter Musselman for organizing our participation.

Finally, here is a link to an article about key ideas for the future of education. Seems like the future is here.

Have a good week,
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109