Update from Alfonso - 11/7

Hello, friends,
As you read this I will probably be on the train back from the PNAIS* Heads /Institutional Leadership Conference in Seattle. And you will be meeting our next wonderful Head Candidate (whom I will have the pleasure of visiting with on Tuesday).

First we have to thank once again Run for the Arts Leaders Joan Francis and Holly Levow as well as the many dedicated volunteers who helped out. Joan has managed RFA for some years now, and will be running it again with Holly next year. According to Joan, the preliminary total is $15,704.79! I love that total, not just because it is ginormous (a new word I learned from students) but because when there are cents involved it indicates people really reached down to contribute and support arts education. THANK YOU all for your contributions. And if you find the donation form under your sofa cushion or in the pocket of your coat, it is not too late to bring it in!

And here we are arriving at the auction, which promises to be a lovely event at the Art Museum this year. Buy tickets, invite friends, chip in and get super nanny to come and watch your kids! And please bring in your donation items. I'll probably be wearing a reminder signboard this week . . .

Last Thursday at grade 1 and 2 assembly I shared a wonderful story called Sarah's little Ghosts about guilt feelings when we don't admit to something bad we have done. While it can be challenging to maintain the attention of over 100 six and seven year olds, it is remarkable to see that in this digital age, they can still be utterly transfixed by a good story! A couple of times I almost lost my place in reading when I noted the beautiful look of wonder on their faces.

And the school council has come up with a great idea for assemblies. They have asked that teachers share their experiences of growing up and going to school in their countries. I am looking forward to hearing these stories myself.

Teachers worked hard on assessment reports last Friday; I hope you had a chance or will have a chance to read my Friday communication about how assessment works. Please be sure to sign up for a teacher conference on 11/11 or 11/15 if you haven't already (click here to sign up).

And speaking of learning milestones, congratulations to Chinese KG student Ahna who stopped at the corner last week to proudly show me that she had learned to whistle. The longer I work in this profession the more incredible it is to me that we learn not only language and calculus, but also how to speak, walk, eat solid food, and whistle.

See you at the corner,

Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School, AOrsini@intlschool.org, 503.226.2496 x 122
*Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools