Alfonso's Choice: Special Appeal for Educational Priorities

If you asked Alfonso what TIS needs most to strengthen student learning, what would he say?
What kind of resources would help students with inquiry-based learning?
How does Alfonso want to help TIS teachers before he leaves?
This year’s special appeal, Alfonso’s Choice, answers these questions by addressing Alfonso’s educational priorities for TIS:

  • Library and classroom resources: $30,000

  • Technology: $25,000

  • Faculty professional development: $20,000

If we surpass our $75,000 goal, extra funds will go toward Alfonso’s choice of the three areas supported by the appeal.

The Details
Library and classroom resources: $30,000
Alfonso has made library and classroom resources a Special Appeal priority for the past three years. This has had an enormous impact on our students. Alfonso and the teachers agree that we still need to build our International Baccalaureate (IB) program by investing in books and classroom resources.

With your help, this year’s Special Appeal will support inquiry-based learning for all students in all four of our languages. Focused on all our IB units of inquiry, the fund will purchase books and bookcases for a classroom-based library system to work together with our main library-based collection.

Alfonso envisions hiring people to write books in our track languages for certain topics where books in the target language don’t exist, are not age appropriate, or are too costly. (For example, it’s hard to find information on the US constitution written in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish for elementary school students.)

We will allocate approximately $25,000 for books and $5,000 for additional classroom resources.

Faculty Professional Development: $20,000

“By funding faculty professional growth, you can enhance the quality of your school more and with fewer dollars than by directing
comparable amounts of money to any other point in your budget of expenses.”
- Independent School Management Magazine

Alfonso prides himself on prudent financial management and making the most impact for students with every dollar spent. As stated by Independent School Management Magazine, faculty professional development is one of the best investments a school can make. There is a virtually unlimited supply of professional development opportunities that will not only help students, but will also increase teachers’ personal growth and job satisfaction.

By raising your paddle on November 19, you will fund professional development related to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, teaching literacy skills, and developing rubrics to help students understand teacher expectations.


  • An IB Primary Years Programme workshop for 27 teachers, March 2-4 right here in Portland ($725 per person).

  • When workshops are given in other cities, a few teachers could attend and become our resident experts training other teachers on that topic. ($1,500-$2,000 per person)

  • Professional Development Day in-house training for all staff on topics such as assessment strategies and tools ($1,500 per day)

Technology: $25,000
Thanks to your support and Alfonso’s leadership, the school has made great technological strides in the past few years. Now we must
continue the journey, investing more for technology-based support of inquiry-based teaching and learning. Alfonso envisions:

  • iPad listening stations for students to improve listening and comprehension skills and gain exposure to native speakers other than their teacher by listening to books, poems, music, plays and more.

  • iPad applications that help students learn to write characters or letters with their fingers. The iPad provides immediate visual feedback that helps students self-correct. (20 iPads: $10,000)

  • A permanent, reliable projection system caged into the gym ceiling to support assemblies, student presentations, guest speakers, parent meetings, and teacher professional development.

  • Support and training for teachers to integrate technology into their lesson plans and communications.

  • Improved connectivity infrastructure so that MacBooks and teacher computers connect to the internet without fail and frustration.

How to support the Special Appeal?
If you want to support the appeal and will be at the auction, raise your paddle proudly during the appeal.


If you cannot attend the auction, here is how:

  • You may write a check to the International School and indicate Special Appeal in the note and send it to school attention “Development Office” or deliver to any of the receptionists.

  • To donate securely on-line, you may also click on this Donate Now button (it’s also on every TIS webpage); at program designation, select special appeal.

If you have questions about the special appeal, please contact Kelsey Cleveland, KCleveland@intlschool.org503-265-8635

Thank you!!

Kelsey Cleveland, Development Director, KCleveland@intlschool.org503-265-8635