Notes from Alfonso - 11/14


I hope you can all make it to the auction this coming Saturday night and bid at a level that is meaningful for you. The auction raises critical funds that help make our work possible for each and every child.

PLEASE, please do not park in the designated auction spaces next to the hilltop building and in front of Stearns Hall. These people very kindly and significantly supported our children's learning by buying these spaces. Help me! And on a related note, if there are construction delays or such, please take a deep breath and DRIVE SLOWLY around campus.

I trust everyone had an illuminating parent teacher conference last Friday. As we adults meet and talk about our students, it is important for us to remember to include the student in the future plans to as great an extent as is possible given the age of the student. If not, we can end up running around in circles while the student stands stationary at the middle. And let's remember that effort counts for a great deal. Let's remember to commend genuine effort even when it does not immediately yield the results we would like.

Please do stop in to meet Head Candidate Robert Woods either today or tomorrow and welcome him to TIS from Moshi, Tanzania.

So here we are with the auction this week, Thanksgiving the next,  and Winter Festival right around the corner! Have a good week and see you at the corner,

Dr. Alfonso Orsini, Head of School,, 503-226-2496 x122