From Scott Kerman, TIS Board President

It was very gratifying to see so many parents at the PTO meeting this month. I want to thank Kathy Guilfoyle and the PTO for hosting the workshop on Positive Discipline and giving me an opportunity to update the community on the Board's progress in a number of important areas this year. Working closely with Dr. Orsini and members of the Administrative Staff, the Board has completed and is in the process of completing a number of projects aimed at improving school governance. We continually strive to bring our policies and procedures up to the standards of NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) best practices.

Facilities, of course, has been a significant focus of the Board this year. If you recall, the Board completed an extensive site review this summer that led us to conclude that the current site best meets our facility needs. This fall, a committee co-chaired by parents Bryan Higgins and Matt Schweitzer performed a feasibility study of our current site. This committee recently recommended to the Board that it perform a more intensive study of the feasibility of building on the south side of Sherman Street, where Stearns Hall is situated. This block of land is favored by the committee because the school owns parcels on this site, and it holds options to purchase the remaining parcels at a very favorable cost.

Based on this recommendation, the Board voted to hire experts to conduct a constructibility analysis of the slope on the Stearns Hall side of Sherman. Very soon we expect to have geo-technical, structural, and water run-off/mitigation reports completed. Dr. Orsiini also will meet with a traffic engineer who can advise us on how we can improve the flow of traffic around the school. These reports are a critical step in the Board's consideration of future facility plans for they will give us concrete information on what construction is possible and at what cost on the present site. Only then can the Board determine with finality that we can confidently build for the long term future on the current site.

Scott Kerman Board President,