News from Alfonso - 1/10/11

Dear Friends,

First thanks to Teresa, Cassie and Jhoanna for helping to host the Grade 5 fun evening. As old and experienced as the fifth graders are, I still managed to teach them a new old variant on dodge ball.

In more pressing news, there is some chance that we could have a midday snowfall tomorrow followed by freezing rain and then ice later in the evening. Of course all forecasts for Portland vary from one neighborhood to another. However the National Weather Service currently says “precipitation, perhaps an inch of snow, arrives in Portland around midday, with freezing rain to follow (@ 4-7 pm). More significant ice would come around 10pm. “

I had already been thinking about a parent phone tree for closures, especially midday when we cannot rely on people to read email. So today, Linda, Lauren and company will prepare a closure phone tree for each homeroom - watch your e-mail for your class phone tree coming from Lauren. The homeroom teacher will call the first family on the list who will call the next. If you do not reach a live person, please leave a message and call any other numbers listed for that child's family. If you don't reach anyone live, leave messages and call the next family on the list. The phone tree will use the numbers published in the directory - it will be your job to keep your phone handy or check messages (or check with your child's other parent) regularly during times of dicey weather.

In the event that we have to close the hill before pick up time, we will sand or salt the sidewalks and move all main campus students down to Stearns. There will be staff standing outside directing traffic. Staff members will stay at school in appropriate ratios until all children have been picked up.

Like everything else we will always keep our heads and get through it together.

Okay, take care and drive carefully,
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109