Thank you summer volunteers!

Many TIS parents got their volunteer hours in early and helped the administrative staff get ready for the new school year, organized summer picnics for their class/tracks, and in one case (thank you, Nancy!), organized our participation in a parade! Thank you so much, we couldn't have done it without you! Many thank yous to the following people and, with apologies, to those I have accidentally left off:
Reba Akin, Bill Andrews, Gabriel Aron, Renee Bates, Elizabeth Connolly, Sharleen Kornegay, Jessica Duke, Colleen Finnegan, Margaret Fitzgerald, Kristen Foote, Chandra Hall, Bronson James, Cindy Jones, Sharleen Kornegay, Sloane Lamb, Nancy Ledbetter, Kirsten Lee, Shelly Leritz, Hugh Macworth, Sharyn Marcuson, Dan Mcdonald, John McCalla, Nancy Merchant and family, Jennifer Miller, Michelle Murff, Ying Qing Nielsen, Cynthia Peng, Crystal Pfeiffer. Katherine Johnson Rowan, Florence Sielatycki, Kimmy Simon, Jennifer Sugden, Bill Sunderland, Gretchen Sutton and family, Lisa Taaffe, Tristan Todd, Stephanie Todd, Kat Topaz & Jim Abeles, and Jennette Zarko

Special thanks to Pete Wright of who put in scores of hours as the creative and technical engine behind the new school web site.

Linda Bonder & the rest of the administrative staff,, 503-477-5231