Update from the Board President - 9/20

I hope the third week of school finds all of you settled in and enjoying what has been an exciting start to the year. In my house, we’re still dealing with some “back to reality” moments when it comes to homework and bedtime, but I know from past experience that this will quickly pass.

The Board, too, is quickly settling into its routine of regular committee meetings and working closely with Dr. Orsini on a number of important school projects. At the top of our agenda this year is facilities. This summer, our incredible Buildings and Grounds committee, led by Trustees and TIS parents Lynda Wannamaker and Kim Marcus, completed an extremely thorough and informative site and facility review. They presented their reports to the Board at our recent all-day retreat. To date, the Board continues to review and discuss the information, and we plan to report our findings and recommendations to the TIS community shortly.

At the Board retreat, we also discussed other important tasks before us. Three very valued Trustees will exit the Board this coming May because their terms will be up. The Governance Committee, led by Trustee and TIS parent Bill Clydesdale, is charged with recruiting new Trustees this year. We also received training in the area of Development. Thanks go to TIS Development Director Kelsey Cleveland and TIS Trustee and parent Paula Prince, who chairs our Development Committee, for helping Trustees learn to be more effective in the all important area of increasing financial support of our students and faculty.

In closing, I want to thank everyone in the TIS community who came to the terrific 20th Anniversary event this weekend. And a special thank you to everyone who worked to make this event incredible. This event precisely crystallized what a unique and exceptional school we have here. We have a rich history and an even more promising future.

Scott Kerman, Board of Trustees President, board@intlschool.org