Update from Alfonso - 9/20

Dear Friends,
Thank you to the over 600 people who joined us yesterday for our 20th anniversary party. I was grateful for the almost miraculous cooperation from the clouds that passed to our north and south. Though it rained during morning set up, the entire event was rain free and often sunny, and the rain did not start until the last person was leaving (Skip Yotsuuye returning the beloved popcorn machine to Mark Jones- thanks guys!)

Thanks to Kelsey Cleveland who has worked the past few months planning the whole event and to Linda Bonder who worked on planning as well as implementation. Kelsey was assisted in booking vendors by Ellen Savaria, and of course Lauren and Jhoanna came in early to do a thousand things, and Frank came in early and stayed late, and Mei Zhang and the girls provided some excellent dances while Chisa, Ou Yang, Mei and other staff members provided fun craft activities, Teresa greeted guests for 3 hours, and of course Maria is always there till the last chair is moved and garbage sack tossed, and Brian (Spanish 5th) who got the popcorn going and did the first shift among other things, and so many volunteers as always who signed up and pitched in and helped in the still prevailing way of TIS.

It was amazing to see not only recent graduates who are now in middle and high school, but also young men and women who have completed college and are now working. As the alumni came up on the stage, I kept looking at the three and four year olds in the audience and wondering how they might look twenty years from now. It was also a great opportunity to again thank Douglas and Frey Stearns for their vision and their commitment of time and resources in creating the school. A full on-line album of photos will be available by next week.

In short, it was another beautiful TIS day. Many people said "we should do this more often," by which was meant we should take over the street and just have a big block party. And we will. We are thinking that early June may be a nice time for an International Day with a massive international pot luck as well as entertainment.

Please do note that curriculum nights will be this Wednesday and Thursday evening as stated below.

Hurrah for the first twenty and now on with the next twenty!
Have a good week,

Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109, AOrsini@intlschool.org