Run for the Arts - coming up fast!

Our school will once again be participating in Young Audiences’ Run for the Arts (RFA), a project that will help us raise funds for art supplies, music curriculum and instruments, and artists’ performance assemblies for this school year. Young Audiences is a non-profit arts in education organization that is dedicated to helping us enrich the curriculum we offer our students. Your child’s participation in the Run is voluntary. However, we hope that you will encourage your child to join in and have fun. We also invite you to help with the success of the run by volunteering and helping cheer on the students running.

Our run date is Tuesday, September 28th with an alternate run date of Thursday, October 7th in case of rain. Please dress your child appropriately on these days. Watch upcoming ITKs for a schedule of when classes will run.

Your child should be bringing home a Sponsor Sheet this week. Please, make sure they take pledges ONLY from people you know; students are NOT allowed to sponsor one another. There will also be a separate order form if you would like to order a RFA t-shirt and your child does not qualify for a free one. While the Sponsor Sheet says that it needs to be returned to the school on the day of the run, we will not be collecting sponsor sheets PRIOR to the run. We will send home the number of laps your child completed for you to collect pledges. Please turn in the form with the money collected after the run.

**There is a change this year in how we count laps.  Due to the smaller size of the track in the field we will be making 3 laps run=1 lap counted (1/4 mi) for 1st through 5th graders.  2 run=1 counted (1/8 mi) for LK and K.  1=1 for PK (1/12 mi).   If you have sponsors worried after your child came home with 50+ laps last year—let them know there is a change and to PLEASE be generous with their per lap donations.**

Can you volunteer? Please contact Joan Francis at or 503-452-3971. If you are a new parent who signed-up at registration or anyone who signed up at the PTO meeting,  you will be contacted.  Everyone else - please contact me. You are also invited to come and cheer on the students even if you haven’t signed-up.

With everyone working together our school will have another outstanding Run for the Arts! Thank you!
Joan Francis, RFA Chair / Parent Volunteer
Julie Jenson and Carolina Barros / Art Teachers
Peter Musselman and Allison Bassett / Music Teachers