Kinders@the TIS Library!

Checking out books on their own is a big step for most kinders and that is exactly what TIS kindergarteners in all tracks will be doing beginning the next two weeks. To help them keep track of their books (one book at a time) each kinder will receive a blue library book bag. Parents, please help your child remember to use this bag to bring books back and forth to school. It is also a good idea to keep the books in the bag to avoid meeting up with dogs, teething babies and spaghetti sauce.

Kinders love the idea of reading and the library! Kinders are also encouraged to "review" books for their classmates by drawing a picture related to the story and presenting it to the class. Forms for this are available in the library or any paper found at home can be used as well. Take the time to ask your child about his/her book. Good points for discussion are:

  • Main characters?

  • Setting?

  • Favorite part?

  • Fiction/non-fiction?

  • How is the character like/unlike me?

Library bags are available to parents and other grades in the library or from Lauren in Stearns Hall for $3 each.

Tamara Fornell, Librarian,, 503-226-2496 ext. 102