New and old TIS parents come join us for a night out in support of educating world citizens on Saturday November 13, 2010 – get your babysitter ready now! As we eat, drink and raise those auction paddles high, we will continue the celebration TIS’s 20th Anniversary. Tickets cost $90 per person with our traditional pre-view cocktail party costing an additional $35 per person.

“Hey Auction Committee, how can I help??” Well, an auction is only fun if there are things to buy… SO…. procure items! Every TIS family is asked to procure one item for the auction. We are ready to take in all those goodies you collected over the summer. The goal is to gather all items by November 1. Ask your companies, neighbors, friends and even enemies – it’s for the children – for auction items!

Waiting for a good excuse to talk to that cute mechanic? Ask him/her for a free tune up certificate. Did you make great memories at a vacation spot this summer? Ask the hotel/motel/RV Park or Car/Bus/Bike Rental Company to toss in a week for the auction. Have an extra Mercedes in the garage? That boat taking up room in the driveway? Your jet sitting there lonely in the hanger? Think of donating it to the auction… It’s all tax-deductible!

Class art projects are some of the most popular auction items. They become keepsakes that capture these fleeting moments of childhood and remind us that we are at the auction to support this great international education. If you have a burning desire to lead this for your class, don’t wait, contact your class room parent now and then jump in now and get those kids creating! Room parents will be in touch soon regarding the projects.

Thank you for all the amazing support in years past and we hope to make this year’s auction a fun time to remember. Email us with any questions, comments, sponsor forms, procurement items at or Development Director Kelsey Cleveland

3rd Grade Chair: Carrie Outhier Banks – mom of 3 children in the Spanish track
2nd Grade Co-Chair Linda McGeady – mom of 2 children in the Chinese track