Alfonso's update -9/13

Dear Friends,
Week 2 is here and we are in our school groove. Traffic went very smoothly this morning. I commend you on your astute and careful driving and your impeccable timing. If everyone for the rest of the year comes exactly at the same times they came today, we will be golden.

Last week we reviewed the start of the year and realized that next year we should stagger arrival times for the first two days of school. On those first days people like to linger in classrooms and talk with friends outside. A staggered start will take the pressure off parking spaces (as will not having a bunch of giant trucks and back hoes and pipes).

We also realized that we asked landscaper Jose too late to go and clean up the walkway between Stearns and Arthur (prek). We will remember to do that earlier next year. I can’t imagine how we forgot that we are supposed to be cleaning all our neighbors’ properties down the block. We have also contacted PGE, the owner of the Garage building near the bridge to board up the nice sleeping alcove that someone has created there with all the accoutrements.

And speaking of the garage, if we are ever crowded for a big event like the popsicle social and you consider parking at the garage up the block please do not park past the "no parking" signs, block any of the garage doors, or park against the fence.

And while we are on the popsicle social, warm thanks to the PTO for sponsoring that event. We had a great turn out and confirmed that a simple popsicle can still render a lot of joy.

And the very same purveyors of popsicles will be hosting the first of their very informative meetings this Wednesday evening at 6:30 in the gym. Please try to attend.

If you have any other ideas for us to help smooth the start of the year or any ideas at all, do send them along. We still love to learn and nothing is as exciting as finally seeing a good idea that has been right there all along but somehow eluding us.

Take care and have a terrific week,
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109