Alfonso's update - 8/30

Dear Friends,

I promised to give Linda Bonder this ITK update this morning but I am completing it at 8:00 this evening. It was that kind of day. Fortunately Linda was also completely absorbed in overseeing delivery of supplies and student orders to clasrooms as well as a host of other concerns! (Thanks, Linda!) The teachers and aides all started back today and after brief breakfast greetings they were all hard at work setting up classrooms. It is a joy to see how excited people are and how earnestly they work at trying to make everything just right. We were all duly exahusted when we left school this evening but sometimes good old physical labour does us a lot of good. Teachers will be sending you class lists very shortly, though I would not be surprised if more than a few took a nap on their keyboards this evening.

Tomorrow we start exercising our brains in earnest, grappling with the intricacies of inquiry teaching and learning in the PYP. Teresa and Maria and I have dutifully done a lot of summer reading on teaching in the PYP and especially inquiry math and science - we are distilling as much as we can to share with colleagues during this week and throughout the year

A few important reminders

Registration - it's critical that every family complete both the on-line & mail-in (walk-in for new families) registration at Completing this process will allow children to go on field trips, receive school supplies, and, for kinder-5th graders, take out books from the library and use school computers as supervised by their teachers.

The registration process also allows parents to order lunches, make donations and tell us about any expertise they wish to share with the school. This last piece is very dear to my educator's heart. Last year our classrooms were visited and our students enlightened by so many wonderful parents and grandparents and friends of our families - US attorneys to physicians to scientists to dancers, and on and on. Visits from and communication with real life experts surely enhance student learning.

Enrollment as I have suggested previously is very strong at 430 and still counting (one year ago we were around 390!). My Dow Jones of admissions activity is my daily look at Jan's desk. It remains a delightful morass of correspondence, applications, and admission packets that are still being requested. Good work, Jan. Thanks to increased numbers and the astute financial oversight of Jan's neighbor Rob Timmons, we will indeed be able to offer the faculty raises we aimed for last spring. Another big step up the mountain.

Let me also just highlight a few important dates to write in on your calendars:
PTO meeting: Wed Sept 15, 6:30pm
Curriculum Night - Spanish Track: Wed Sept 22, 6-8pm
Curriculum Night - Japanese & Chinese Track: Thursday Sept 23, 6-8pm
Curriculum Night - English program: Thursday, Sept 30, 6-8pm

Please remember that Square Gator is off this week as we are busy working all over campus, even finishing up the final painting and cleaning. Summer camp does not give us much time to get ready, but the rush is well worth the fact that we again broke summer camp enrollment records. Kudos to Pilar, Lauren and the whole summer camp staff.
Please tell your children we are so excited to see them again and that it won't be long now. Meanwhile take good care and enjoy your time together.

Warm regards,
Head of School,, 503-226-2496 x109