Carpools – updated Aug 16 – pm!

Please let me know when you find a carpool buddy.

Forest Heights Neighborhood
Am looking for a regular carpool partner (or 2). I have twins in 2nd grade Spanish and can take two more children in my car. Contact Heather at

NE 18th and Thompson
We can drop off kids in the morning and we're looking for a family to bring our child home in the afternoons. Thanks, Julia,, 503 805 8900.

Very near PCC Sylvania
If I drive then I can take one extra adult and one child with or without car seat both ways.
If we ride with you we would generally only need a ride home in the afternoon/evening. Two kids (one carseat) and one adult. Catriona,, 503-208-2184 home, 503-910-9034 cell

North Portland, near Lombard & MLK
Would like to arrange 2 days of driving, 2 days of drop-off, including both to and from school. Considering before school care with SquareGator but not yet decided. Any carpool arrangements will help determine my work schedule as we enter the 2010/2011 school year. Call Renée @ 503-459-7430.

NE 17th and Knott
We have 3 children at TIS. We are looking for a family w/whom we can carpool to school in the mornings only. Phoebe Trubowitz,, C:503-939-7323

West Slope/Raleigh Hills (97225)
Looking for carpool partner, contact Ann at (Spanish 4th grade)

SE 72nd Ave, on the east side of Mt. Tabor (97215)
Often we leave early to drop off older sister at St. Mary's HS We have room for 1 kid on the way there and 2 on the way back. Amy & Cliff, 503.232.3167 (Spanish 2nd grade)

NE Hancock St, Portland OR 97212
Looking to carpool. Wendie,, c: 206-427-1652