Alfonso's update - July 19

Dear Friends,
Ironically it has been often cloudy in China since we landed and what I was smelling in the air turned out to be a chemical or oil fire at the port. So Portland air and weather are looking pretty good right now. However, I do enjoy looking down from our 10th floor apartment and seeing all the bustle of people in our neighborhood, Paoya, which is very much like the Brooklyn of Dalian.

In school news, Kelsey has done a definitive tally of the year's fundraising and we broke records thanks to all of you. Maria and Teresa are still reviewing Spanish teacher candidates and resumes and with Maria's rekindled connection to Spain (the people who brought us Ferran and then took him back!) we are looking at a much broader field of candidates. Frank is overseeing much facilities work on campus including the upgrade of some door alarms, the new classroom in the Main Building, the relocation of the loud HVAC unit in Stearns Hall, the closing of the top of Maria's office so she can actually speak privately to people, and so on! Thanks, Frank and Michael! Summer school is booming and humming along, thanks to Pilar, Lauren, Sharon, and all the teachers and aides.

The two interns from China are definitely coming so we definitely need two families willing to provide room and board and transport to and from school (unless there is public transport available). A couple of people had expressed possible interest earlier in the year when I first broached the idea, but now it is for real. If you are willing to provide a room, and meals, and transport to and from school, please write to me. I believe the Spanish intern with the same requirements is also still a strong possiblity so please contact me if you are willing to host an intern or if you have further questions. Both Chinese young women have recently graduated from the Teachers College in Suzhou.

Well that's the new for now. Hope you are all thriving and enjoying the fresh air.

Warm regards,

Head of School,