Alfonso's update - July 12

Dear Friends,

Summer work has been continuing. At our administrative retreat we worked on a lot of initiatives, especially related to safety, security and logistics. I am pleased to announce that Coach Rob WILL be returning. He had been considering an industry post and had said goodbyes to students in case it did work out. It did not turn out to be what he was seeking. We have also hired Ms Yu Yen Lee to be one of the second grade Chinese teachers for next year. Yu Yen is a well known and beloved teacher at TIS who taught here for five years and then after a year away came back to teach grade 3 for Shirleen in the second half of this school year. We are still interviewing candidates for the two openings in Spanish for Kindergarten and grade 3.

This summer we are also constructing a new classroom behind the library where there have previously been offices. Linda Bonder and Kelsey Cleveland will be moving down to the Arthur (Corbett) Street Campus. Jhoanna will move down next to Lauren at Stearns Hall. Frank Bojanowski will maintain a desk adjacent to the librarian.

You may have read in the local papers that the design we had submitted for another modular (for emergency) has finally been approved by the various bureaus, commissions, commissariats and prefectures of our fair city. That is a modular we will hopefully not build. Indeed, as you recall, by the end of this summer the Board’s goal is to definitively decide whether to try another site or develop the site we have here. Thus far we have considered 89 sites in the City. Virtually none of them have met our criteria for size, acreage, location, layout, and price.

As you read this I am probably on a plane to China. However, once I arrive, in addition to summer reading, I’ll be working on handbooks and policies and will check email daily. Don’t hesitate to drop me a note if you have a question.

This is probably a good time to thank you again for all of your support and your positive contributions this past year. It has been a good year, a year of hard work for all of us but also a year of many rewards. The greatest reward is of course the chance to interact with your delightful kids each day. We have accomplished a lot together this year and we will accomplish a lot more next year, but we are working on the icing on what is already a very substantial cake.

Okay, onward and upward,
And more soon,
Head of School,, 503-226-2496 x109