Alfonso's update - June 7

Dear friends,

I want to congratulate all those who participated in the talent show last Friday evening and the running event on Saturday. Thanks go out to Ms. Carol Olson and to Coach Rob for orchestrating these events. Congratulations also to Mei Zhang, the TIS Dance troupes and Ann Zhu’s class on their fine performance at the Rose Festival. It seems the rain stopped just for them.

Even with such positive news, I know our thoughts have been focused on graver matters this past weekend. I am sure you are aware of the recent disappearance of a boy from a Portland elementary school, which is a reminder to us all to redouble our efforts to maintain security.

We here at school need to watch students even more carefully and keep them in our sight at all times. Michael and I need to patrol the campus even more regularly.

Here is how you can help:

  • Watch your kids carefully at the playground after school. More than once I have caught children climbing around on the hillside out of sight of their parents.

  • With younger children, especially second grade and below, make sure you walk them directly to class or hand them off directly to an assistant or staff member. Do not let them walk in alone. You can also let them off near me and I can see them into Stearns Hall. Even with older students caution is best.

  • We all need to close the gates and doors behind us (including the playground gate) and not open them for people we do not know. And if any of us sees a person we don't recognize we must ask that person, "Can I help you?" I think we can all agree not to be insulted if someone does not recognize us and asks us where we are going.

  • A final way you can help: if your child is to be absent, please call the school no later than 8:30 and let us know. This is policy but unfortunately few people follow it. When your child is late or has to leave early be sure to sign in or sign out at the receptionist (modular 3 go to Stearns; Mod 2 go to the Main Building.)

Take good care,
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109