IB themes currently being studied

Sorry that this is a little late - the students started these themes last month.

PreK. Theme: How the World Works
Central Idea: Plants and animals change throughout their lives.

An Inquiry into:

  • The stages of development for plants

  • The stages of development for humans

  • The stages of development for mammals and egg laying animals

LowK. Theme: Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: People look after animals in different ways.

An Inquiry into:

  • The kinds of pets we own

  • The needs of different pets

  • The responsibilities we have to care for them

Kinder. Theme: Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: Individual actions can make a difference in caring for the Earth.

An Inquiry into:

  • The natural resources we use on a daily basis

  • How the use of natural resources can hurt the environment

  • Ways to help the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling

First grade. Theme: How We Express Ourselves
Central Idea: Children’s music and stories are one way to understand and pass on culture, beliefs, and values.

An Inquiry into:

  • Traditional children’s music and stories from different cultures

  • Similarities and differences between the lessons taught in these stories and songs.

  • Re-telling stories through various media.

Second grade. Theme: Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: Insects play an essential role in the health of the environment.

An Inquiry into:

  • The important contributions insects play in the life cycle of plants and animals

  • How humans have interrupted these cycles through pesticides and other practices

  • The steps humans can do to respect and restore insects’ important contributions to life on the planet

Third grade. Theme: How We Express Ourselves
Central Idea: People use visual and performing arts for self-expression.

An Inquiry into:

  • Different forms of creative expression

  • Expressing our uniqueness through the arts

  • Developing a sensitivity to individual forms of self-expression

Fourth grade. Theme: How We Organize Ourselves
Central Idea: Different forms of government have evolved over time.
An inquiry into:

  • The different forms of government

  • The functions of governments

  • Why people need a government

Fifth grade. Theme: Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: Human actions can have far reaching effects on our planet’s relationship with the sun.

An Inquiry into:

  • The relationship between the Earth, sun, and moon

  • The sun’s influence on Earth (living things, weather, water cycle, and physical geography)

  • How human actions can help or hurt global warming

Please ask your child’s teacher, IB coordinator Teresa Wirsching, or Principal Maria Abad