April Annual Giving donors

Thank you to everyone who has made contributions to the Annual Giving campaign this school year. A special thank you to the following members of our community who made contributions to honor our teachers in April:

Maria Abad
Peter and Jean Adams
Travis and Sarah Adams
Robert Anderson and Fathia Harrak
Michael and Karen Andrews
Sophia Antonis
Pillar Arias
Fazela and Naveed Bandukwala
Jonathan and Carrie Banks
Greg and Grace Beber
Robert and Christy Bennett-Hanes
Dale and Denise Biencourt
Peter Boghossian and Jessica Gregg
Mark and Edita Boguslawski
Robert and Selly Bondaruk
Scott and Lisa Bordeaux
Jim Brayton and Debbie Marr
Adriana Burrola
Neil and Leilei Byl
Dawn Calder
Alistair and Jenny Campbell
Tori Canton
Daniela Cargill
Yeng Chen and Lisa Goldberg
Chester Ching and Arkady Mak
Lawrence Chu and Krystal Li
Peter and Katherine Cole
Quinn and Deidre Crandell
Randy and Karina Dana
David and Courtney Davies
Ed and Joyce De la Fuente
Nelida De Los Santos and Darla Neese
Jack and Kat Dhadli,
Patrick D'Haem Terresa Jung
Scott Diaz and Jenny Tsai
John and Wendy Domreis
Alex and Brandi Duke
Damien Fair and Rahel Nardos
Jennifer Farmer
Sharon Fendrich
Wu-chang Feng and Seur-gi Lee
Jesse and Sara Ferguson
Richard Foote and Kathryn Tolman
Heidi Fouser,
Takanori Fujii
Alex and Kara Gajowskyj
David and May Graham
Ian and Roxanne Griswold,
Christopher and Chandra Hall
Mathew Hall and Elizabeth Connolly
David Hansen and Anna McCoy
Jim Harvey and Maureen Mulcahy
Christine Hauptmann
William and Holly Heiberg
Bryan and Christine Higgins
Duncan Hodge and Elsa Menendez
Lauren Hostetler
Michael and Dianna Hu
Yao and Karen Huang
Michael Hummel
Jennifer James-Long
Derek Jensen and Julie Gulla
Joshua Johnson and Colleen Finnegan
Kevin and Marina Johnson
Mark and Tonya Jones
Michael Jung and Susie Lim
Scott Kerman and Jill Speaker
Chin Chu Ko and Yun Cheng Lu
Steve and Sophia Kosaris
Bob and Sheryl Lauron,
Angel Lee
Dylan Lee and Leslee York
James and Anne Lee
Qiong Li
Jenny Yuzhen Lin
Maria Lira,
Kim and Glenn Luft
Kim and Susan Marcus
Paul and Sharyn Marcuson,
Judith Masjuan
George and Tracey Massey
James Mast and Jessie Fan
Jim and Pailin McAlear,
Steven and Linda McGeady
Malcolm and Masako McIver
Sven and Cindy Melbo
Luke Meloy
Nancy Merchant
Craig Miller and Anais Tuepker
Gene and Molly Moreland
Lizette Muñoz
Hu Nan
David and Jennifer Nolfi
Gordon and Lynda Wannamaker Odette
Alan and Torree O'Kain
Alfonso Orsini
Yukako and D'Arcy Owen
Gil Parker and Heather Guthrie
Adela Pedrosa-Correa
Britt Prince
Rupert and Paula Prince
Guido and Lee Rahr
Tatiana Raimondo
Patricia Ramos and Chanel O'Neill
Philip and Debbie Richman
Mary Sanchez
Eric Schnebly and Phoebe Trubowitz
Munier and Sara Shah
Hong Shentu
Gary and Florence Sielatycki
Aaron and Kelly Silverman,
Judy Siviglia and Anna Griffin
Scott and Laura Sklenicka
John Slusher and Christine Carr
Stuart Smith and Patti Leung
Ken and Laura Sokolowski
Thaine and Jennifer Sugden
Samuel and and Siew Yin Suk
Mark Sutherland and Stacy Booth
Rick Swanson and Ann Cassin
Scott and Jodi Swigart
Craig Tanner and Jessica Feinman
Chisa Terano
Paul and Tatiana Terdal
Paul Thiers and Catriona McCracken
Henry Tieu and Elaine Kwok
Jossie Torres-Jurado
James and Yoko Van Lieu,
Razi and Meryl Villarreal,
Dean Waters and Jeannie Louie
Tom and Gloria Widdows
Aric Wood
Peter and Kira Wright
Ann Jing Qiu Zhu

Thank you,
Kelsey Cleveland, dev@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x107