Alfonso's update - 5/24

Dear Friends,
For May we seem to be getting a lot of May-be weather. Fortunately, the weather is cooperating today - and hopefully will later this week - as our grade 1-5 students head over group by group to Duniway Park for the annual timed mile run. After all those laps down Sherman and up Grant (the streets, not the generals), a flat mile should seem like a breeze.

Last week at the Annual General Meeting of the Board, minutes of which will be posted as soon as possible, we had the opportunity to thank those board officers whose terms had expired: outgoing President Michelle Kerin; outgoing Vice President, Kim Marcus; outgoing Treasurer Mark Holman; and outgoing Secretary Michael Hummel. I have said it before but it bears saying again: this school has been graced with some extremely capable and devoted board members. I am grateful for their personal and professional support of me in my first year.

The new Board officers for the coming year will be: Scott Kerman, President; Paula Prince, Vice President; Jennifer Cooperman, Treasurer; and Laura Sokolowski, Secretary.

I also proposed to the Board last week that we approach this year’s grade 4’s to determine what interest they would really have in signing on for a TIS grade 6 year after next. Note: I did NOT propose that we start Middle School. I proposed that we put our cards on the table and ask others to do the same. My proposal includes not putting out any money on a Middle School until we determine that we would have sufficient enrolment for the Middle School to pay for itself. Demand, as has been the way of the world, will tell us about what we might supply, if anything. If a Middle School proves not to be an option, we will not languish in boredom.

Wishing you a lovely week,
Alfonso,, 503-226-2496 x109