Emergency preparedness

The PTO meeting presentation on "Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness" this week provides an opportunity to give an update on emergency preparedness at TIS.

In recent years considerable work has been done on all TIS buildings. With every construction job, we worked with the city and with our contractors to identify and address a variety of seismic concerns. In addition the modulars are seismically approved and seismically anchored. In 2008 the school had core samples of our hillsides taken by a geo-technical firm for evaluation of slide and seismic stability and the results were reassuring.

We are also being proactive in planning for possible events such as regional power failure, volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helens, unexpected snow or windstorms,  etc. With all of these in mind,  I have been in contact with the Portland Police Bureau regarding communication options for the school in the event of a failure of phones in the metro area, and we are working on a process of emergency communication through the city. I have also met recently with the captain of our nearby fire station to discuss preparedness and to ensure that we remain on their radar at all times.

Following Marin County, California on earthquake preparation, we are looking to procure a two day emergency supply of water and nourishment adequate to fill the needs of 450 children and adults as well as on site storage options. Presently, we are looking into the Office of Emergency Management and FEMA for possible assistance in obtaining the supplies.

As part of emergency preparedness, it is important that we have a well trained staff. In addition to the annual CPR/First Aid training provided to the teachers and staff, we had several teachers and administrative staff attend a seminar presented through the Office of Emergency Management in March of this year. Over the summer we will be beefing up our staff policies and handbook in preparation for more emergency planning for the fall.

As you can see emergency preparedness is an on going process that does not invite complacency. We strive to create the safest place in the city for your child to be.

Frank Bojanowski, Facilities Manager, FrankB@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x106