Book drive report by 3rd graders

During the month of April, all the third graders organized a book drive for the Emanuel Children’s Hospital. This activity was part of the PYP unit of inquiry “Who we are”. We wanted to give books to children who are sick because we learned that reading makes you heal faster. What we did was to plan a campaign, set a goal, and make announcements.  We also informed people about the number of books that we got each week by coloring one state of the USA map for every 20 books we got.

We knew that the more books we collected, the more children we would be helping.  Our goal was to collect 1,000 books. In the beginning, we never thought we would even reach 900, but at the end we collected 2,162 books! At first, many of us were confused, we didn’t know what to do and how to organize the book drive. So, we invited community service experts to give us some ideas on how to organize a book drive. Now we feel like this was a major accomplishment. We feel great to be able to help other children and we feel proud of ourselves because the campaign was very successful. We think that making announcements and displaying our posters outside really helped and we were able to send our message to the TIS community.  This book drive was a good opportunity for us to demonstrate some of the characteristics of the learner profile; we were risk-takers, caring, open-minded, and good communicators, among other traits.

Our next step is to have a field trip to bring all these books to the hospital. We are very curious and excited to see how the people at the hospital will react when they see the books the day we deliver them. We think that they will be surprised to see SO MANY BOOKS!!!

We know that this huge accomplishment would not have been possible without your help.  We truly want to thank you for being so caring and for donating all the books. THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!


Hazel, Tabitha, Reid, and Benjamin; on behalf of all the third graders at TIS.