TIS First Grade Spanish Track to Celebrate Earth Day!

This program is being done by Spanish 1st grade - it's just an example in case other classes want to put together something similar for their classes.

Earth Day celebrates its’ 40th anniversary this year.  This world event is a reminder that we all need to take a minute to appreciate the planet we all share and to try to give a little something back to make a better environment.

Our plans this year are to organize a one night fund raiser / social hour and a 2 hour tree planting event for the TIS First Grade Spanish Track at The International School.

The TIS Spanish First Grade students, parents and teachers will get together for dinner at Flying Pie Pizzeria (3 Monroe Parkway Lake Oswego, OR - www.flying-pie.com ).  The dinner will be an opportunity to socialize with teachers (Gloria and Ivonne), parents / students and to enjoy some pizza.  The class organizers will collect tree funds at the pizza party, just $5-10 per family (this donation is not required to attend dinner).  Funds collected will be used to purchase trees from Bosky Dell Natives and tree tags.  Our goal is to collect enough funds to be able to plant one tree per child.

On Sunday April 25th the class will have a tree planting event at TIS.  Children are invited to help in the planting and labeling of tree tags with their name.

Mike Andrews, Spanish 1st grade parent, andrews1008@gmail.com