Teacher appreciation day (May 7)

Thank you so much to those who have already contributed to Annual Giving honoring our teachers!

Make your contribution to honor the TIS faculty by May 7 and your classroom teacher will be presented with a certificate if your class reaches 100% participation. Help us reach our goal of 100% participation by parents and faculty!

Class participation rates (see below for the rates as of 4/23) and donor lists will be posted at classrooms this week to thank donors and to serve as reminder to contribute if your name is not yet on this list.
Hong: 77%
Helen:  77%
Hu Nan: 69%
Gloria: 68%
Jenny: 68%
Emily: 64%
Pilar: 64%
Lizette:  61%
Ferran: 61%
Sandy: 57%
Mary: 55%
Sophia: 53%
Qiong: 53%
Ann: 50%
Maria & Rocio: 47%
Ivonne: 47%
Yi Guan: 46%
Aiyun: 44%
Abby: 42%
Shirleen: 41%
Adela: 38%
Jossie: 38%
Adriana: 35%
Akiko: 33%
Masami: 33%
Vicky: 33%
Constanza: 26%
Taka: 20%
Jennifer: 20%
Chisa: 16%
Hideko: 7%

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far in this year's Annual Giving campaign honoring faculty! The above list is published so that parents who do not have the opportunity to visit the classroom can also be updated. Currently, we have 40% participation school-wide.

To donate securely on-line, simply click the button - you will have the opportunity to designate your gift – just type in “Annual Giving”.

Donate Now Through Network for Good

OR Bring a check to any of the reception desks
OR Mail it to the attention of Development Office, TIS, 025 SW Sherman Street, Portland OR 97201.

Thank you,
Kelsey Cleveland, dev@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x107

P.S. No matter the amount, your contributions will honor teachers and the important work they do.