To do: Honor TIS teachers

Now that you have completed your taxes, you can start on the rest of your to-do list. Have you made your donation to Annual Giving to honor TIS teachers? If yes, thank you very much. If no, please help us reach 100% participation.

Starting this week, posters will be by each classroom door recognizing those who have already contributed and letting you know your class participation rate. If your class reaches 100% by Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7, we will present the classroom teacher with a certificate. Currently, we have 33% participation (see the thermometer.) To donate securely on-line by credit card now, simply click the button:

Donate Now Through Network for Good

You will have the opportunity to designate your gift – just type in “Annual Giving”.
OR Bring a check to any of the reception desks or mail it to the attention of Development Office (025 SW Sherman Street, Portland, OR 97201).

Thank you,
Kelsey Cleveland, Development Director,, 503-226-2496 x107

P.S. How will did you know TIS teachers? Answers from our quiz earlier this month:

A) Who worked as a local television sportscaster in Rapid City, South Dakota and Peoria, Illinois? Dan (English)
B) Whose daughter was named by her students? Adriana (Sp 3rd)
C) Who was raised in Peru, Brazil, Japan and Singapore? Masami (J 2nd/3rd)
D) Who previously worked as a private investigator? Coach Robert (PE)
E) Who performs the French Horn professionally? Carol (Music)
F) Who speaks fluent Swedish? Tamara (Librarian)
G) Who is a United States Figure Skating Association coach? Akiko (J 1st)
H) What two teachers got married in March? (not to one another . .) Kristie (English) and Maria Lira (Sp 4th)
I) Which teacher has worked at The International School for the longest time? Jossie (since 1994) (Sp LK)
J) Which teacher assistant has both a mother who works at the school and child that is a student? Elizabeth- her mother is custodian Lupe and daughter is in Chisa's class
K) Which teachers and teacher assistants have children who are currently students at the school? Gloria, Sophia, Constanza, Maria, Aiyun, Paola, and Elizabeth
L) Who was raised in the United States, England and the Philippines? Tricia (Art)
M) Who is also a real estate agent? Lizette (Sp 2nd)