Obo Addy visits TIS, thanks to Run for the Arts!

Thanks to your Run for the Arts contributions, the 1st-5th graders started last Wednesday with a lot of dancing and a bit of learning about culture of Ghana as they enjoyed the drumming of Obo Addy as he visited TIS.  Bringing drums of all different sizes (including one that was nearly 6 feet long) and made from all sorts of materials (wood, gourds, goat skins, deer skins) Obo Addy and his drummers and dancers wowed the students with their World rhythms and traditional dances.  He not only explained and demonstrated how the different drums were used, but he also talked to the children about the variety of religions in Ghana and the history behind the dances.

TIS Music teacher, Carol Olson, has been teaching the kids about rhythm and African drumming in preparation for their visit.  The final song had the drummers, dancers, and children chanting “Thank you” in Obo Addy’s native Ga language.

You can buy Obo Addy CDs at www.cdbaby.com.

We at TIS would like to say Thank You, Xie Xie, Gracias, and Arigato to Obo Addy, Young Audiences, and everyone who supported Run for the Arts this year and made this event possible.