Kids helping kids ... donate books by April 30

13th Annual Emanuel Children's Book Drive

For the past 13 years, our school has participated in a community service project with the outpatient pediatric clinic at Emanuel Hospital. The hospital staff reward their patients for keeping their appointments by allowing them to pick out a free book. It may be one of the very few books these kids ever own. Over the past 13 years we have donated over 10,000 books! The first year we started with just 100 books and now nearly 1000 books are donated each year.

Please donate your gently used children's books to the bins around school by April 30. Our annual book drive is now a 3rd Grade school-wide project and has been integrated into the PYP curriculum. The students will personally deliver the books to the Emanuel Clinic during the month of May.

PYP Unit = Who we are
Central Idea = People are dependent on each other

What = Gently used books from your own shelves or you may purchase new books if you like
Why = Books are distributed to children who visit the clinic at Emanuel Hospital as a reward for keeping their appointment.
Reading helps children a) get well faster b) become smarter c) allow them to continue education regardless of illness and/or poverty
When = Books can be donated anytime between now and April 30th
Where = Book drive boxes are located in hallways throughout the campus. Look for US maps by the book drive boxes. Every colored state represents 20 books collected.

GOAL: 1000 books
In the last 2 weeks we have already collected 696 books.

On behalf of the third graders......Thank You.