News from Alfonso - 3/8

Greetings Friends,

Where did this thing called March come from? The days are flying past, but they should return to something less than time lapse now that our dearly missed colleague, Maria Abad, has returned from Ecuador. Welcome back, Maria!

Today in School Council meeting, I addressed my young colleagues in leadership and urged them to get moving on the Chile relief project. They should all be writing to you shortly via the classroom email group. Remember, the students’ donations needn’t be large, but the students should earn their donations. NO COINS please.

A couple of parents have pointed out to me that Friday elective classes have been unduly decreased by our Fridays off. During the remainder of the year, we will be recovering some of those Fridays by following a Friday schedule on some Mondays, Tuesdays or other days of the week. (Watch for announcements.)  On next year’s calendar we will split more Professional Development days and report card days to Mondays and we will put on the calendar in advance some Friday and Monday recovery days sprinkled throughout the weeks, too.

My sense is that parent teacher conferences went quite well last Friday. However, the specialist teachers are either on the verge of being inundated with appointments or already there. We will have to either add appointment times or limit appointments somehow. We will work on this in a meeting next week.

Achieve, the company who works on our database and report cards, has fixed the grade reporting system and Lauren has fixed erroneous specialist grades on report cards. If you need a reprint, Lauren is happy to oblige.

And speaking of report cards, please take a few minutes to fill out the annual evaluation of us and our school. Your feedback helps light our way forward. Please go to

It seems as though we got a reprieve on the previous forecast of hail for today, but it still promises to be chillier in the remainder of this week. Please be sure that students dress accordingly.

Jennifer Zhu writes that our students have arrived at school in Suzhou, China and are enthusiastically immersed in the experience. I expect to hear from our friends in sunny Mexico….mañana.

Reminder that the PTO meeting will be this Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm and we will look at some information about our budget, as well as other items of interest.

Finally, an image for your week from the beatific Brazilian, Joabim:
And the river bank talks
Of the waters of March
It’s the end of all pain
It’s the joy in your heart