Planning Walk/Bike to school month: volunteers needed

May: Walk + Bike to School Challenge Month
Oregon’s Walk + Bike program is coordinated by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) to encourage children, youth, and families to use safe, active, transportation to get to and from school and throughout their communities throughout the year. This statewide event is a friendly competition that encourages students to walk and bike to school for the whole month of May. In 2009, 60 schools and over 4,000 individuals participated in the event.  (Click here for more info about the statewide program.)

The TIS Green Committee is working to help TIS students participate! Each student will receive a tally sheet where they can tabulate each of the 20 possible days they can participate. Anyone taking transit already will qualify for their daily commute tally.

We need your help to arrange four meeting spots for "bike buses" & "walking buses" to finish the commute to school together. All "buses" would meet at 7:40 AM (unless otherwise suggested). We need volunteers at each location on every school day in May to greet and get the "bus" on its way to school. Sign up for a week or a month! We have identified those locations as follows (open to other suggestions):

  • "bike bus" South to meet at Williamette Park (daily volunteer, Phil Richman)

  • "walk bus" South to meet at S Waterfront (daily volunteer, NEEDED)

  • "bike bus" North to meet at Eastbank Esplanade by Vera Katz statue (daily volunteer, NEEDED)

  • "walk bus" North to meet at Riverplace circle (daily volunteer, NEEDED)

We'd love to have 2 "big" prizes for the winners of the challenge - please let me know if you can help with that.

Phil Richman,, 503-522-8025