News from Alfonso - 3/1

Dear Friends,
First and foremost, I am sure all of our thoughts are with the people of Chile in this very difficult time. I learned from our Chilean staff members Pilar, Gloria, and Judith this morning that their families were not affected, which is some personal consolation when so many others were so deeply affected. I imagine that in today’s school council meeting, the Chilean earthquake and what we can do to help will be a topic of conversation.

I also want to extend a warm welcome home to Major Jerald Block,M.D., father of two of our TIS students. Jerald has just returned from a tour in Iraq. Welcome back Jerald and we are grateful for the support you have given to so many others. Through his work in counseling soldiers, Jerald has seen first hand the consolation that a letter from home can bring. If you or your child would be interested in writing to a soldier, information has been given to the three receptionists.

Today you will be receiving an email communication from me about tuition and budget for next year, as well as an email communication from Board Chair Michelle Kerin regarding the Custom House. At the PTO meeting on Wednesday March 10, I will be on hand with board finance committee members to answer questions about budget, tuition and anything else people would like to know. Mark your calendars. Please read both of these letters carefully and completely. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me. Within the next week you will also receive from Jan and Linda a packet with information on the curriculum of your child’s next grade at TIS.

We have also just opened our annual parent survey. This crucial survey will include evaluations of me, of admin staff, of homeroom and other teachers, and of various aspects of the school.  PLEASE TAKE 10 MINUTES TO FILL THIS OUT at This year our goal is 100% participation in the survey. Do not be afraid of hurting our feelings (unless you make comments about thinning hair!). Constructive, honest comments can only help us.

Congratulations to TIS students Ian, Spencer, Sumner, Zane, Cy, and Mackenzie, whose team, the Toros, were successful in the championship game of the MJCC soccer league this past Saturday.

Our Chinese and Spanish Capstone trips head out later this week, and we wish them a wonderful journey. We are confident that they will be great TIS ambassadors to the big world. You can follow their journey on the Capstone blogs that will start next week.

One little girl, smiling knowingly, said to me this morning. “Tomorrow’s your birthday!” After a moment to understand, I replied “No, sweetheart, that’s Doctor Seuss. I am Doctor Orsini.” So happy birthday, Dr. Seuss, and, dare I say it, happy birth of Spring.

Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109