Alfonso's update - Feb 8

Greetings friends,
And happy sunny Monday! Last Saturday night our dance troupe performed, or tried to perform, at the PSU Chinese New Year gala. Though the students who ran the event had been given our music via email and on a CD well in advance, they somehow lost it, and when the girls finally went on stage, there was no music. And even after poor Mei Zhang frantically searched and then ran to her car for a CD, when the girls got on stage again, the hosts could not get the CD to work. Needless to say the girls received a well deserved ovation from the audience (among whom was the Chinese Consul General from San Francisco) for their patience, poise and perseverance. I really commend Mei Zhang and our girls. I was proud of how they all reacted in the face of adversity. It seems that even such occasions allow us to learn something, the hard way. (I think the PSU students learned a bit about organization too- they are young as well.) The dance groups will all be performing next Sunday, February 14th, at the Chinese New Year cultural fair at the Oregon Convention Center (Portland Ballroom).

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I’d like to mention a few important community points. First, if your child has any disagreements or conflicts with another student, please do not approach the other student yourself. I know that the protective instinct in parents is very strong. However, it is the job of the teachers and Maria and me to deal with such issues between students. This is explicitly stated in the family handbook for good reason. If you think there is an issue, bring it to the teachers’ attention and if it persists, to my attention.

Second, you are all doing a great job on pickup and drop off. I am proud of the care with which most of you approach this task! However, don’t park the wrong way on ANY street; and when you park face-in on the hill, pull all the way in so that your car is not sticking out. I should also point out that the space right in front of the Stearns hall entrance is the space purchased in the auction. When there is an orange cone there please do not take that space. Once that family has dropped off or picked up and the cone is removed, then others can park there. Finally, when driving around campus, go SLOWLY, and don’t get into altercations with others. We need to be considerate and civilized at all times, and it may look like someone is trying to take our space when in fact it is just a misunderstanding. Be aware that many people get very nervous about driving and parking on the hill.

When I am unable to be out at pick up or drop off (on days when I have meetings or am at Corbett/Arthur Street) I want you to be very kind and respectful to my colleague Michael Kelly who usually fills in for me. Every person in this school and beyond deserves respect regardless of his or her job!

Reminder that next Monday, February 15th, we will have no school in observance of President’s Day. Take good care and enjoy those days ahead this week that promise to be only partially cloudy.

Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109