News from Alfonso - 2/22

Dear Friends,
It is so nice to see some light when I get on the streetcar in the morning. (Don’t tell me what’s coming. For the first time I have set the local weather as a favorite on my computer). Last week was another busy week, the highlight of which was a very beautiful and enjoyable Sakura Matsuri performance by the Japanese track students. We were honored by the presence of Consul General Okabe of Japan, who stayed on afterwards to hear a presentation by the fifth graders about their Capstone trip. Mr. Okabe also discussed further cooperation between the Consulate and TIS. We were grateful that he found so much time to spend with us in his busy schedule.

This coming Saturday, the Board and I will meet to finalize the budget I have proposed for next year, including the tuition. We will also be making a final decision on the Custom House.

When I arrived here, the Board generously gave me an opportunity to live with the Strategic Plan for a few months to see how doable I felt the target dates and priorities are. I think the strategic plan is a spot-on road map for our future, and I think that we (and that means the teachers, the staff, you, the board and I) are already making great headway in reaching many key objectives. The approved plan will be mailed to you this week.

In about another week, we will be putting on-line the annual school evaluation (previously known as the All-Parent Survey). This year we want to do the evaluation early enough so that we can still improve things for the remainder of this school year. We have cut some of the more general questions and we have added sections to specifically evaluate my work, the work of my admin colleagues, and the work of my teaching colleagues. I will be assiduously harping on you to fill out that survey as it will provide all of us valuable feedback. Please watch ITK for that announcement.

I’d like to remind everyone that, as stated in our handbook (p. 36), because of CCD regulations, pets should not be brought into the school or onto the playground. Please be mindful of this.

A reminder also that there will be no school this Friday as it is report writing day and the following Friday will be Parent/Teacher conferences.

Finally, our thoughts are with Maria Abad and her husband. Maria’s mother in law is seriously ill in Ecuador and they are in the process of preparing to go and take care of her. Assuming that they can get their passports quickly renewed, Maria could be out for some time. We will limp along without her and keep her and her family in our thoughts.

See you at the corner,
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x104