Message from the Board to TIS parents

Happy New Year TIS. I am writing to provide information to you about three things.

First, please complete your pledge form regarding the Custom House. The level of support and parent enthusiasm for the project is critical to the Board in making a final decision on whether to go forward with the Custom House. Please take the time to complete it. Your comments and insights are valuable to us. If you do not support the Custom House or have questions or concerns about the Custom House, please complete your pledge form as there is a space for you to indicate those as well. Click here for the pledge form. If you want to comment directly, please email the board at or All emails are made available to every trustee and will be considered when making our final decision.

Second, as a way to educate the Board on your thoughts regarding the Head of School's performance, the Board will distribute a comprehensive survey to you via email to evaluate Alfonso Orsini's performance in his first several months as Head of School. We will ask teachers and staff to participate and provide feedback to the Board as well. While ultimately it is the Board's responsibility to evaluate and hire the Head of School, input from the entire community will give the Board a better idea of how effective the Head of School is with the various constituents. I would like to thank Alfonso, because the idea to receive input from across the community at the interim performance review was his and he has insisted on it. Alfonso has shown a great willingness to include staff, teachers and parents at all levels of decision making. Thank you Alfonso. Look for the survey early next week and please participate.

Finally, the Board recently elected Lynda Wannamaker as a trustee. Lynda brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in planning and consulting. She has worked closely with many state and local agencies in transportation, building and other improvements--a useful skill for an urban school like TIS. Lynda led the school's Strategic Planning sessions and prepared the final Strategic Plan with the assistance of a dedicated Board committee (that included many non-trustee parents and was led by Trustee Paula Prince). Lynda donated hundreds of hours of her own time as well as her employee's and vast resources of her consulting business. The end product was an incredibly thorough and professional Strategic Plan of which we can all be proud. She will be a wonderful addition to the Board. Welcome Lynda!!

Michelle Kerin, Board President,