Want to save on 2010 taxes and double your support of cultural orgs at no cost?

The International School is a partner of the Oregon Cultural Trust. For every $1 donated to a qualifying cultural nonprofit (such as The International School), a matching $1 to the Cultural Trust will earn you a $1 credit off your state tax bill.

Here is how:
Did you make a donation to The International School (ie TIS Fund or Special Appeal) in 2010? If yes, thank you. If no, you have until December 31. If you cannot remember what you gave when, contact Kelsey at dev@intlschool.org.

Did you support any of the other 1,300 heritage, arts and humanities nonprofits such as the Oregon Zoo, OMSI, OPB, Portland Children’s Museum, etc.? Calculate how much you contributed to TIS and other Oregon Cultural Trust partners.

Make a matching gift to the Cultural Trust (www.culturaltrust.org) and claim your entire Trust contribution as a tax credit, reducing your Oregon tax bill. You give twice but it only costs you once … and you double your support of Oregon culture!

Kelsey Cleveland, Development Director, dev@intlschool.org

P.S. For a list of Oregon Cultural Trust partners, go to www.culturaltrust.org/programs/beneficiaries_qualifying_non_profits.php to see if organizations you support are partners.