News from Alfonso - 12/13

Greetings, Friends
Despite the warm weather there is definitely a holiday feeling in the air.

With the IB PYP that is so central to our school, the set of all units of inquiry studied by all grades is called the Program of Inquiry (POI). The POI is an evolving document in any school, as each year the teachers and staff work to refine and update the central ideas and lines of inquiry.  Click here to see the entire TIS Program of Inquiry - it will also be posted around campus shortly.

Parents, please remember to send in a can or box of non perishable food for the pound per person food drive. We would love to see more participation from the Prek and Low K students. We understand that it is hardest for parents of the youngest students to remember when there are so many other issues each morning.

Thanks once again to all the students and teachers and Ellen and Linda, and Peter and Julie and to countless volunteers who helped make the Winter Festival show a great success.

Hong Shentu has brought back from the East West Center in Hawaii our first visiting Chinese teacher and has provided the following statement:
"I am thrilled to bring back a Chinese teacher of mathematics, who is one of the youngest teachers to win the honor of “Professional Special Grade Teacher” in elementary level. His name is Hu Qing. He went to our Winter Festival and was so impressed seeing how different the American students were. Guess what he said? 'Every child is participating, not only the best ones from each class.' 'Every student is so serious about the performance.' 'The students were noisy at first, but when the performance starts, nobody talks any longer.' ”

Our other experienced visiting teacher Ms Zhang Hongli will be picked up at PDX late tonight by Lizette (at whose house she will be living). Hongli will be working primarily with her mentor Emily Pan as well as visiting many other classes. We know that both of these fine experienced teachers will bring much to the school.

I hope all of you have a very peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

Warm regards,