Invest in Inquiry: Special Appeal for math and science

Thank you to the following 117 members of our community who contributed $71,730 to the special appeal for math and science (as of 12/8/2010). We are extremely grateful for your support.

Anonymous (6)
Maria Abad
Jim Abeles and Katherine Topaz
Travis Adams and Sarah Carter Adams
Mike and Karen Andrews
Tim and Sandee Archer
Rob and Ann Armstrong
Allen and Nan Banks
Andrea Bartoloni
Greg and Grace Beber
Kevin Billingsley
David Garten and Linda Bonder
Greg Borossay and Lorraine Andre
Neil and Leilei Byl
Christine Cha
Dave Chen and Jill Price
Chester Ching and Arkady Mak
Kelsey Cleveland and Dan Bosshardt
Bill and Heather Clydesdale
Devin and Gretchen Cole
Jennifer Cooperman
David and Courtney Davies
Howard and Linda Davis
Mohamud Daya and Yoko Nakamura
Ed and Joyce de la Fuente
Bill Dieter and Martha Koerner
Matt Dodd
John and Wendy Domreis
Jerry Doty and Vanessa Bailey
Tanya and Stephan Doubleday
Michael and Jody Duncan
Jennifer Farmer
Con and Sherry Francis
Joan and Mike Francis
Michelle Gans
Kay and Tom Gardner Pyle
Franklin Gilbert
David and May Graham
Bill and Diane Gray
Ian and Roxanne Griswold
Matt Hall and Elizabeth Connolly
Kevin Hawke
Stephan and Denise Hawke
Will and Holly Heiberg
Duncan Hodge and Elsa Menendez
Michael Hu and Dianna Hanken-Hu
David Huang and Hilary Bradbury Huang
Michael Hummel
Jane Marcher Foundation
Derek Jensen and Julie Gulla
Mark and Tonya Jones
Scott Kerman and Jill Speaker
Steve and Sophia Kosaris
Elizabeth Kramer
Elizabeth and Jeff Lahti
James Lee and Anne Chang Lee
Kent and Nancy Lee
Yu Yen Lee
Holly and Zach Levow
Yujun Li and Wen Chen
Greg and Kelli Lutje
Hugh Mackworth and Josie Mendoza
Keith and Wendie Martin
George and Tracey Massey
Don and Alex Mazziotti
Steven and Linda McGeady
Bill and Joanne Meloy
Barry Miller
Bob and Sharon Miller
Craig Miller and Anais Tuepker
Shawne Mohoric
Chuck Nakvasil
Edgar Navas and Jennifer Brand
Soren and YingQing Nielsen
David and Jennifer Nolfi
Gordon Odette and Lynda Wannamaker Odette
Larry Olmstead and Holly Brunk
Sean Onitsuka
Alfonso and Ven Ven Orsini
Nathan and Julia Plowman
Amy and Oscar Polo
Caroline Popma and Greg Popma Jr.
Rupert and Paula Prince
Guido and Lee Rahr
Jeff and Debbie Rink
Joseph Sawicki and Kirsten Lee
Terry and Lori Schallich
Eric Schnebly and Phoebe Trubowitz
Matt and Kate Schweitzer
Mike Scogna and Jill Chen
Steve Shaff and Elizabeth Wolf
Munier and Sara Shah
Gary and Florence Sielatycki
Judy Siviglia and Anna Griffin
Becky Smith and Jody Luth
Ken and Laura Sokolowski
Douglas and Frey Stearns
Mark and Mary Stevenson
Collin Stoll and Molly Strattan
Mark Sutherland and Stacy Booth
Alex and Fiona Tait
Paul Thiers and Catriona McCracken
Liz Tilbury
Mark and Michelle Togni
Razi and Meryl Villarreal
Amy Wharton and Melinda Moeur
Tom and Gloria Widdows
Jamie and Brooke Wiggins
Ellen Grover and Jan Williams
Natasha Wong Sunderland and William Sunderland
Seth Wright and Andrea Paluso
Joanne and David Yokoyama-Martin
Skip and Tracey Yotsuuye

P.S. It is not too late to participate or to fulfill your pledge! Please make a contribution by December 31, 2010. To donate securely on-line - Simply click on this “Donate Now” logo to donate securely through Network for Good. You will have the opportunity to designate your gift – just select “Special Appeal” under program designation. We will send you a tax receipt. Thank you!

OR Bring a check to any of the reception desks
OR Mail it to the attention of Development Office, TIS, 025 SW Sherman St, Portland OR 97201.

Donor list as of 12/8/2010. We apologize if we have omitted or misspelled your name

Kelsey Cleveland, Development Director, 503-265-8635,