From the TIS Garden

We welcome you to come and visit the Garden with your children when there is a break in the rain. Take a look and read the signs.
Inside the Garden look at the signs made by first grade students showing & telling about what they did in the Garden.

Low-K "Gatherers"
In October the low-K classes picked scarlet runner beans from those tall plants on the north and east garden fence. They had started those plants from bean seeds when they were in pre-K last Spring. Now they saw the mature plants and the pods, dry brown. In their classrooms they took the beans (black/pink) from the pods. We are saving them for a delicious winter soup and also saving some for seed, so more classes can plant in spring 2011.

First Graders
In October the first graders harvested corn (ate corn fritters), cleaned up the old plants, and planted cover crops. They have been studying nutrition this fall, now they were to learn how the soil must also be nourished. The cover crops (clover, pea and bean family plants) will restore energy to the soil. When spring comes, the classes will cut back the mature plants and turn them under. The organic matter will improve the texture of the soil and add nutrients.

In November these classes planted flower bulbs in pots and garlic starts in bed 4. Look for flowers along the fence in the Spring.

Priscilla Lane, parent of TIS Graduate Class of 2006, Volunteer Garden Chair & Teacher