Alfonso's update - 11/8

Greetings Friends, First off, major thanks to Joan Francis, the moving force behind Run for The Arts, and to the students who ran with all their hearts and to the parents, relatives and friends who sponsored the students and to many more who helped to run the event. This year the event netted over $17,000! 100% of funds go to the Arts at TIS for equipment, supplies, training and events.

With the auction next weekend, you may wonder why we invest so much energy in this one event. Auction proceeds (other than Special Appeal) provide critical unrestricted support for our general operating budget. This budget covers funding for staff salaries and benefits, faculty professional development, building operations, classroom materials, financial aid, Capstone trips and other necessities. Of our approximately $4 million annual budget, 69 percent goes toward staff salaries and benefits. Keeping a roof over our heads (rent/mortgage/loan payments, building and equipment maintenance, and utilities) accounts for 13% of our expenses. Other educational program expenses account for 6%. In addition, we pride ourselves on offering financial aid: this year we're providing $416,855 in financial aid to 77 students.

As part of the auction, the Special Appeal raises funds for a specific designated cause each year. This year's Special Appeal theme is "Invest in inquiry: Special Appeal for Math and Science". Click here for details.

Every year our budget projects a net income loss to be made up through fundraising. As is the case at most independent schools, tuition does not cover the cost of educating a TIS student. This year's budget includes $145,000 of anticipated fundraising income (approximately 3.5% of the school's estimated annual income). The majority of this money is raised from the auction.

As you can see, auction night is a very important evening for the school!

Some of you may have heard that a girl recently fell and bumped her head on a post at the playground. While these accidents are not too frequent, we always hold our breath when they occur. Though our lower playground equipment is well made and certified for Kindergarten to grade 5 students, Frank, Michael and Kevin are wrapping many of the posts in padding and putting padding in other potentially knockable spots. We will also continue our close monitoring of children and ensure they play happily but not dangerously.

Which brings us to playground use after school. Some of us are not properly supervising our kids, and I am getting complaints from other parents who are too embarrassed to tell you. Watch your children carefully, please.

Have a great week,
Alfonso, 503-226-2496 x109